Draw First . . . Cut Once! It’s a cute name, but we’re more than that. We provide residential drafting and design solutions, helping you transform your existing home or design your new home to be what you’ve always wanted. Our name is the result of many social conversations, explaining to people what a residential designer actually does. The essence is that your addition, renovation or new home should NOT be hastily built. These projects are where you will spend the most money in your lifetime, and they should be given careful consideration. A designer’s job is really part organizer, part puzzle assembler and part visionary. We take the existing limitations of the physical location and budget, mix in the list of wants and needs and wishes and dreams, and come up with creative options that blend all these parts together. The client then decides which one works best for them. Working through ideas on paper is much less expensive than moving actual walls, doors, windows and stairs later on. Our goal is that, when construction starts, the homeowner is confident that we have arrived at the best solution for their specific situation. The last thing you want to do is sit in your new finished space and say “what if we had…” A little bit of time and money spent planning can help prevent that.

So – when the time comes to start thinking about that next project, let us help you “draw first”, so your contractor only has to “cut once”!

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