As the tag line says in our logo, Draw First . . . Cut Once! provides residential drafting and design solutions. We help you transform your existing home or design your new home to be what you’ve always wanted.

Draw First . . . works with homeowners (present or future) and contractors who need assistance in fully developing their ideas. That assistance is customized to fit each client individually.

Homeowners come to us with different amounts of information; some have piles of pictures and sketches that they’ve collected and refined over the years, and they’re finally ready to put it all together and build something. We blend all that information into a creative, cohesive design that includes as much of their wish list as possible. Other folks have no solidified details of what they want – they just know they need more room or they need something different. We work with these people to develop a program and a wish list, and then provide the same type of creative design for them. Stills others come in with a plan they’ve worked out with many hours of research and thought over the years. In those cases we do still make design suggestions, but our service is to get the plans drafted to scale and in a form that meets permit requirements.

Builders and contractors typically come to us with a repeat or potential customer who’s in one of the stages described above. Sometimes the contractor stays in the design process, which is always good; they have the best handle on cost and how they build, so their input is valuable. Others don’t want to look at or bid on a project until the plans are finished. We also work with builders designing new homes for sale and prototypes for projects such as adult housing and detached condominium developments.

Draw First . . . typically wears three hats – designer, problem-solver, and organizer.

The Designer takes the input of whatever the homeowner can offer – pictures, sketches, detailed plans, or just thoughts – and comes up with an attractive and creative package that incorporates as much of those as possible.

The Problem-Solver deals with the inevitable stumbling blocks that come up in every project – site limitations, practical construction methods and materials, and the ever-present budget.

The Organizer prioritizes the requirements of the program to clarify and differentiate between what the homeowner wants, needs and can afford.

All three hats are worn at the same time, of course, because you need to organize before you design, solve problems as they come up during the design process, and always keep an eye on the budget.

The involvement in most projects for Draw First . . . ends when the plans are complete and ready for permitting. However, we also provide construction observation services and design services for post construction items like built-ins, furniture, and other special requests.

So – when the time comes to start thinking about that next project, let us help you “draw first”, so your contractor only has to “cut once”!

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